About Me

I am a Software Engineer with a passion for technology, music, comics, and video game hardware. I recently graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Political Science. After finishing school, I attended App Academy, a rigorous coding bootcamp where I gained the necessary skills to be a Software Engineer. Having a background outside of software development gives me a unique perspective and skillset that has allowed me to be the well-rounded software engineer I am today.
When I am not coding, I like to spend my time building/developing hobby electronics (such as headphone amplifiers and guitar pedals), hiking, and sharpening my skills on my bass.


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App Academy

Web Development Bootcamp 2020

Columbia College

B.A. in Political Science 2019

Chaminade H.S.

High School Diploma 2011



A YouTube clone utilizing a full stack of Ruby on Rails, PostreSQL, React/Redux, JavaScript, and AWS S3.


A site to let you play Rock, Paper, Scissors in real time against your friends anywhere in the world. This was a collaboration where we decided to challenge ourselves and learn Websockets.

The Empire Types Back!

A frontend typing game where you type to destroy enemy ships. It was made completely in JavaScript.

Flitter (BETA)

A mobile app built using Flutter, Firestore, and Google Cloud Functions. It is a clone of Twitter that is usable on IOS, Android, as well as the Web.